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UPS delivery instructions

Congratulations on your purchase! You are just a few moments away from being able to relax with confidence that your deliveries will always be safe. Now it is time to give instructions to your delivery services so they know where to stash your packages!


1)   Sign-in to your UPS account.

2)   Navigate to "UPS My Choice" and get Registered.

3)   Click on "USPS My Choice".

4)   Select "Change Delivery".


5)   Scroll down to the section titled "I won't be home..."

6)   Click on "Manage Your Preferences".

7)   Click on "Driver Instructions".


8)   Under "Entry Code", enter "In Chair" or "In Bench" for both entry code boxes.

9)   Select a "Delivery Location". 

10)   Click on "Save Changes" and you are ready to receive packages! 

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