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Giving Peace of Mind

Pirate Proof Furniture, was created to help people.  Protecting your packages is only the start, what we really care about is our neighbors.  Our founder has been working with people dealing with homelessness, drug abuse and mental illness for more than a decade.  Our vision is to use our business to give men and women useful skills as they are transitioning out of the hardest chapter of their lives.  The transforming power of Jesus Christ continues to be the most reliable and consistent way to help men and women understand how much they are loved and valued.  After all, God cared so much for each of us that he was willing to stop at nothing to restore the broken relationship between us and Him!


With your support, we can keep people headed in the right direction as they transition out of prison, addiction recovery and Union Gospel Missions.  On to lives lived in love, community and restoration!

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